We take a used 20' shipping container and convert it into a high quality, air-conditioned biosafety level 2 (BSL 2) laboratory that can be transported to anywhere that a container can go.

A windowed sliding door divides the container into two rooms - one for adminstrative functions and reagent storage (with sink, fridge, computer and cupboard/shelf space) and the other for the laboratory work (with sink, fridge, bench space with overhead storage, incubator, microscopes, autoclave and biological safety cabinet).

  Ample natural lighting is supplemented during low-light     

 conditions by LED over-bench downlights and ceiling lighting.  

 Windows are secured at night by lockable external

 container wall shutters (shown closed above).

We deliver the container lab, set it up and check it in with full equipment inventory according to the individual order specification, ensure water and electricity supplies are functional and provide 12 months on-site support as needed (can be extended by arrangement).

Though the Portalab concept arose from a need for a new TB lab paradigm, the laboratory can of course have multiple uses and TB need not necessarily be amongst them!